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2months using therapeutic ketones!

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2month update


‘5 months… that’s right, 5 months into my KETO Journey and transformation to BETTER!  I just wanted to drop in and give you a quick update. It’s been 5 months today since I started my KETO journey and 5 months since I started my transformation to BETTER.

Back in January I joined a transformation challenge and Joy had started taking exogenous ketones from Prüvit so I figured, why not. Let me give these ketones a try, they are a fuel source after all.

I’m so thankful that I gave it a chance, I’m a skeptic like most and when Joy first started, I was like, “Ok here we go again with some nonsense” but a funny thing happened. I started burning fat, preserving muscle, building strength, sleeping better and wasn’t cranky or hangry ALL THE TIME.. HOLY CRAP, this stuff actually works.

The more research I did, the more I came to understand how exogenous ketones work and that the science was based in fact and decades of research. Pruvit leads with education so there is a treasure trove of keto/ketone/ketosis related information on their website if you just do a little searching’

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WOW great story!